“Whatever the heck that means” is a direct quote from a congratulatory email I received from a very smart, successful, creative, and accomplished aunt on the event of a significant promotion. She was not alone in the sentiment: all my family responded with a similar befuddlement at whatever it was that I did so well that I managed to be employed and recognized for my good work. This is not a new phenomenon, for my whole career, whenever I’ve been promoted, received some recognition, or had some other significant work event, I’ve received similar comments from my family.

Helping people to understand what at first appears mysterious, and to see the meaning and importance of what they never gave two thoughts about before, has become a major part of my day job—and something I really enjoy the challenge of. So, in honor of my family and for my own enjoyment, Whatever The Heck That Means is now my outlet for cataloging some of what I find resonates at work as well as trying to do the same for some topics of personal interest.

Whatever The Heck That Means

I hope you enjoy.


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