A Poem-Song About the Alphabet

A Poem-Song About the Alphabet

Almost 15 years ago, for my oldest son’s second birthday, we wrote a poem about the alphabet just for him.

Actually, we filled in the details of the poem about the alphabet that the badger-girl Frances makes up in the classic children’s book by Russell Hoban, Bedtime for FrancesWhat was so fun about writing the poem, and so fascinating for us in re-reading the poem now, is that we’ve filled in the poem with references to things he loved at the time, and also references to events in Bedtime for Frances too.

Frances provided the text for letters A, B, C, D, S, T, and U and we did the rest. I think the poem is enjoyable, and it will always make me smile.

Frances’ Alphabet

A is for apple pie,
B is for bear,
C is for crocodile combing his hair.

D is for dumplings,
E is for eggs,
F is for fish, that don’t have any legs.

G is for giant,
H is for hay,
I is for ice cream on a hot day.

J is for jet plane,
K is for kite,
L is for ladybug on her first flight.

M is for mommy,
N is for nest,
O is for orangutan banging his chest.

P is for puppy,
Q is for queen,
R is for riverboat heading upstream.

S is for sailboat,
T is for tiger,
U is for underwear down in the drier.

V is for van,
W is for wagon,
X is for xylophone played by a dragon.

Y is for yo-yo,
Z is for zoo,
and that’s the end of the alphabet sung in rhyming twos.

Sean Kennedy

The creator of "Whatever The Heck That Means" can usually be found with his wife and younger son in their adopted home of North Carolina. (His older son is now an adult and away studying mechanical engineering.) From there he is the Founder and President of Simbiotrek (sim-bē-'ä-'trek - https://simbiotrek.com), and makes occasional digital imprints on LinkedIn (https://linkedin.com/in/seanpk) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/AkaMacGyver), as well as on the Be Action YouTube channel (https://youtube.com/@BeAction).


Gal Jerman Posted on2:57 am - September 20, 2022

Amazing post – thank you !

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[…] The poem we created for Joseph’s second birthday was based on a poem from the classic children’s book, Bedtime for Frances. We completed it with details from his life and books that he loved too. Today, before too much more life happens and I forget, I simply want to reflect on the meaning and purpose of each of the lines we added to complete the poem. […]

Gal Jerman Posted on11:03 am - August 13, 2022

Top ,.. top top … post! Keep the good work on !

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