Archive: December 24, 2020

Anchoring Core Values

In the 2+ years after having these revelations and writing them down (on medium), my two “anchoring core values” remain strong guides for me. They are known to my family and my colleagues – which also helps to provide some external pressure, when needed, to stay true to them. I believe it is worthwhile for everyone to look inside themselves and uncover their own “anchoring core values” – if you find that mine resonate with you, you won’t be the first, as I think they’re fairly universal.

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APIs for Fun and Profit

This is a republishing of an article that I’ve had around in few places, from the old company blog, to medium, and probably somewhere else. It is good for me to review from time to time the importance and impact of APIs in creating a true customer-centered business. We can probably never say it enough because the “techie” nature of APIs makes them an unusual topic for customer experience and business leaders. But the ultimate users of APIs are humans and the ultimate purpose for them is to facilitate value creation.

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