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What Are the Steps to Building a Beautiful Business?

No, you can’t just follow someone’s template: at best that will waste your time and energy. No, there’s no simple formula to follow. But you can do better than emulating successful entrepreneurs, you can have a framework for action and an intentional approach to build the beautiful business you’ve always imagined.

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Entrepreneurial Lessons from Youth Hockey

The last two years I’ve coached my son’s team in hockey and it has been one of the most enjoying and fulfilling things I’ve ever done. My most recent coaching experience inspired me to standup and articulate the connections I see between and the lessons I think we can glean from youth hockey.

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What’s more valuable, electricity or the equipment it powers?

Mineral Point Cell Tower panoramic view

Earlier this week I enjoyed a webinar from the TSIA, From Traditional to XaaS Hardware: Navigating your Digital Transformation, and got many good notes from it. (“X” is for “anything.”) I thought I would share this point because it also illustrates the “mindshift” necessary on the part of vendors and customers to imagine the value of XaaS hardware.

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Anchoring Core Values

In the 2+ years after having these revelations and writing them down (on medium), my two “anchoring core values” remain strong guides for me. They are known to my family and my colleagues – which also helps to provide some external pressure, when needed, to stay true to them. I believe it is worthwhile for everyone to look inside themselves and uncover their own “anchoring core values” – if you find that mine resonate with you, you won’t be the first, as I think they’re fairly universal.

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