WTHTM on YouTube

WTHTM on YouTube

We’re embarking on a journey to create valuable content for entrepreneurs and business leaders—on YouTube!

This is a continuation of what we’ve been doing on this blog: helping business owners and leaders make sense of the ideas and principles that are impacting their business success today, and that they can use to build the beautiful business they’ve always imagined. We’re just using a different medium and leveraging more of Sean’s experience as a speaker and presenter. And, as you can see from the video thumbnail, bringing some of his personality to life.

Welcome to Whatever The Heck That Means on YouTube!

Like this blog, the ideas and principles discussed on the channel are selected to inspire and inform entrepreneurs and business leaders. And Simbiotrek (sim-bē-ˈä-ˈtrek) is here to be a “symbiotic catalyst” for the transformation from feeling behind, uncertain, and stuck doing what you “have to do”, to being on track, confident, and doing what you “love to do”.

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Sean Kennedy

The creator of "Whatever The Heck That Means" can usually be found with his wife and two sons in their adopted home of North Carolina. From there he is the Founder and President of Simbiotrek, LLC (https://simbiotrek.com), and makes occasional digital imprints on LinkedIn (https://linkedin.com/in/seanpk) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/AkaMacGyver).

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