Why Expert Entrepreneurs Have Imagination

Why Expert Entrepreneurs Have Imagination

Expert entrepreneurs aren’t daydreamers! And even if they are, I don’t have time in my business for that! Entrepreneurship is a creative endeavor, but is also firmly rooted in reality. When we talk about “entrepreneurial imagination” it may not be what you first think.

In this fifth episode of the Whatever The Heck That Means on YouTube series on the traits of expert entrepreneurs, we look at why expert entrepreneurs have imagination. Expert entrepreneurs bring their imagination with them wherever they go, and create environments for their employees to do the same. Check it out. Like, and subscribe if you do. Comment your thoughts and questions too.

Entrepreneurship is all about giving our customers the means to achieve their ends. And so we look at the role of entrepreneurial imagination in two dimensions:

  1. In figuring out WHAT to offer to customers
  2. In figuring out HOW to create and deliver those offers

But what is imagination in the context of entrepreneurship? Here (and elsewhere in the video) we’ll get some inspiration from the Imagination Pin of the Economics for Business eGPS system:

Across the whole of the entrepreneurial endeavor, especially when approached using what I call The Learning Engine, imagination ranges in importance from essential and critical to being the key differentiator.

The Learning Engine: an iterative model that applies to both transforming and operating organizations (more)

Through The Learning Engine you refine your imagination in the furnace of reality AND integrate into your action openness to further imagination. And expert entrepreneurs do this themselves and create environments in which their employees do too.

But if you’re not already working in this way, even starting to work with imagination throughout your iterations can be overwhelming. Which is where Simbiotrek (sim-bē-ä-‘trek) comes in. Our growth consulting and fractional COO (f/COO) services, as well as our peer boards of advisors, can all help you make the jump and turn your business potential into business actual. To talk about how you can apply these ideas in your business, contact me through simbiotrek.com.

Sean Kennedy

The creator of "Whatever The Heck That Means" can usually be found with his wife and younger son in their adopted home of North Carolina. (His older son is now an adult and away studying mechanical engineering.) From there he is the Founder and President of Simbiotrek (sim-bē-'ä-'trek - https://simbiotrek.com), and makes occasional digital imprints on LinkedIn (https://linkedin.com/in/seanpk) and Twitter (https://twitter.com/AkaMacGyver), as well as on the Be Action YouTube channel (https://youtube.com/@BeAction).

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